Kata Ihász

Co-Executive director

Every day, we have to face countless new challenges in both conference and travel management. I believe that my bold approach and highly motivated mindset to put my ideas and the tasks I have to tackle into practice takes our projects in the right direction.

The best feeling is when I can finally see in practice what we have been planning in theory together for weeks, months or even years; when I can put together in my head all the pieces of the puzzle of who has to do which task and when. It’s the most rewarding feeling that at the end of our events, the clients frequently ask us: “When are we planning the next one?” That’s what I work for: to plan and deliver a lifelong experience and share unique moments. When I’m succeeding at this, I’m able to have a bright smile my face even when I’m at my most tired.

I think the most outstanding achievement of my career is that I had the opportunity to build a company with colleagues with whom I have become close friends over the past 20-30 years. The fact that the office is not just a workplace for me, but a creative, cohesive and supportive place is the best professional achievement for me. I’m proud to be part of a team where striving to do your best work is combined with good atmosphere and humour, and everyone can be happy for each other’s successes while being able to reach their own goals too.

Éva Prieszol

Co-executive director

“The only certainty in life is change” – this is a statement that I pretty much consider to be my motto. Consequently, I have learned the ability of adapting very quickly to unexpected events in many areas of life really well. In conference and travel management, this ability is essential. I also consider joining the Altagra team to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Andrea Vándor

Co-executive director

More than 30 years ago, I organised the first travel programme for an international group in Hungary. I am happy to be one of the leaders of Altagra today, using the knowledge I have gained over the years in tourism.

Serving our clients who have placed their trust in us at a high professional standard: this is the definition of Altagra for me. I am proud of the work of our company, which combines the professional experience of the team members with carrying on the legacy of our values created so far and the ability of tackling new challenges. I believe that our dedication impacts the work with our partners too and that it gives them security.

I am grateful that I can see my colleagues both as coworkers and good friends. It’s important to me that we build a strong, supportive community because that’s how we’re able to support our clients the most efficient way.

Klára Biszkupné Nánási

Senior advisor

As the founder of Altagra, I am proud to have created a reliable company which has earned its good reputation. It’s a great pleasure to see the new owners and managers who will take over after my retirement, with the support of a young and ambitious team to carry on the values we have created so far. Using the knowledge and experience gained during my career, I still continue the support of the work of the company as a senior advisor.

Dóra Gyurina


As a junior project manager I mostly take part in the organisation of conferences and other events. As a recent graduate, I am very happy to have been able to start my career at Altagra. Here I get the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge of the event management industry and other various topics I have always been interested in. I try to do my work with passion and dedication, I believe that this approach will be my drive in the future too.