While hoping, that our traditionally high standard events can soon be organized in live form, we are also providing alternative solutions. By implementing new solutions, we ensure that the events can always be organized in a way that best suits YOUR needs and possibilities.

Online events

Participants, speakers and sponsors meet only in the virtual space





Events attended by speakers, audience, exhibitors and sponsors only in the virtual space.

In this case it is of paramount importance to maintain the attention of the audience, to this end there are numerous possibilities by various communication platforms and, of course, creativity is a very important factor, too. For this purpose, it is indispensable to have a virtual platform and stable internet connection. It is recommended to employ a moderator.

In addition, technical solutions as listed below, as well as our own creativity help us meet the requirements of the participants, speakers and organizers of an online event.

Hybrid events

Combination of conventional and online solutions






Hybrid events are attended by the participants physically or online.

All participants watch the same presentation. During the event various solutions help participants communicate with the speakers and with each other. Also, it is possible to send subject-related live feedback and questions. As a result, an environment can be created where online participants are just as active as those physically present.

In the case of hybrid events, we do our utmost so that each participant can enjoy the same experience whether they are physically present or attend online.

We can propose solutions for any requirement and budget whether your events, be them webinars, training courses, conferences or general meetings, are to be held online or in a hybrid or conventional form. In addition to our well-known services, we provide the opportunity for the following:

extensive presence of sponsors also in the virtual space

virtual section meeting rooms

e-poster gallery

poll, survey, Q & A sessions, tests for online participants, too

chats or video chats by online participants

re-watching of presentations

assistance to speakers and audience for a more confident and more enjoyable participation in the new world of online events

assistance to the audience in front of the monitors to better focus with the help of visual techniques and interactive options or, simply, with our creativity

Useful information


About the presentations

  • videocasting of pre-recorded or live presentations to the audience
  • speakers use their own devices to record their presentations or live-stream them to the participants
  • we record presentations in a virtually or conventionally arranged studio, or we live-stream them online with professional audiovisual techniques
  • we can combine pre-recorded, even educational contents with live-streaming. With our GreenBox technology we can achieve spectacular visual images, we can use the most innovative solutions, we can create holographic displays, we can use effects, film extracts, animations and individual backgrounds

In each case the preferred solution is selected in accordance with the requirements and the budget of the client. Speakers must be prepared to meet new challenges. Pre-recorded presentations can be re-watched and shared as training materials.

For participants

  • participants must have their own devices and stable internet connection
  • optional: camera
  • the platform used has to be installed on their own devices

About the facilities of the venue

  • for a hybrid event a room of appropriate size has to be chosen, where the increased number of technical staff and equipment can comfortably be accommodated
  • for the online streaming a wired internet connection with a speed capacity of 30 Mbit/s/30Mbit/s is essential